Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers
Shock Absorbers

The shock absorber is of such a critical nature to the stability of the vehicle that without it working effectively, numerous factors change for the worse in operating the vehicle.

The braking distance is dramatically increased, cornering capability is diminished with the vehicle not being able to maintain directional control, and not least tyre wear is impacted on to such an extent that the tyre life can be reduced by more than 50% (which leads to another impending calamity).

About Shock Absorbers

The Shock Absorber is essentially a piston in a sleeve that goes up and down rapidly according to the undulations and bumps in the road, this movement is restricted by either hydraulics or gas or both combined. It is this resistance that needs to be maintained for effective operation of the Shock Absorber.

To put this in context the Shock Absorber could move as much as 2000 times per kilometre on a tar road, imagine on a dirt road. Therefore it is only obvious that there must be some degree of wear inside the Shock Absorber, which will naturally impact on its life span.

Our Shock Absorbers

We have a wide range of shock absorbers to keep your ride as smooth as possible.


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