car battery
car battery

Maintenance-free batteries

Masterparts supplies a full range of maintenance-free car batteries. These batteries don’t need topping up with fluid and are resistant to corrosion, resulting in longer battery life.

Standard car battery

In a standard car battery, lead plates are suspended in an electrolyte solution, consisting of water and sulfuric acid.

In each battery cell, a positive plate is coated with lead dioxide and a negative plate is made of sponge lead.

A chemical reaction between the two plates creates a voltage or electrical energy.

Conventional lead-acid battery

In a conventional lead-acid battery, antimony is alloyed with the lead (which is a soft metal) to provide strength.

Unfortunately, the antimony results in corrosion, loss of water due to gassing and self-discharging of the battery, all of which shorten overall battery life.

Because fluid is lost, it has to be regularly topped up.

Low-maintenance car batteries

In a low-maintenance or maintenance-free car battery, the antimony in the plates is partly or fully replaced by calcium. This prevents gassing and associated water loss.

In addition, the battery components are made of more durable materials and have thicker construction, and the container for fluid is deeper.

The design of the battery prevents heat accumulation, fluid loss and self-discharge.

In some low-maintenance car batteries, calcium is used just in the positive plates; antimony is still present in the negative plates.

In other batteries, both the positive and negative plates use calcium, resulting in better performance.

In a low-maintenance battery, it’s very seldom necessary to top up battery fluid levels – and in a maintenance-free battery, there’s no need to do this at all and the battery system itself is sealed.

Our batteries

Masterparts now carries a full range of maintenance-free, calcium/calcium batteries.

All the batteries carry a 24-month warranty.

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