Automotive Fans

Automotive Fans
Automotive Fans

Automotive fans draw air in through a vehicle’s radiator to help cool and ventilate the engine and maintain optimal engine temperature, regardless of vehicle speed.

Types of cooling fans in automobiles

There are two main types of engine cooling fans for cars:

  • mechanical fans (driven by the water pump’s serpentine belt)
  • electric fans (driven by a motor that’s powered by the engine’s electrical system).

Mechanical automotive fans

Mechanical fans are typically controlled by a fan clutch, or fan coupling. This automatically engages or disengages the fan.

The clutch can be thermal or non-thermal. A thermal clutch opens or closes vents to control airflow based on the engine’s operating temperature. A non-thermal clutch operates the fan based on the engine’s revs per minute.

One exception is a direct drive fan. Although this is a type of mechanical fan, it doesn’t make use of a fan clutch. Instead, it runs off the water pump’s output shaft.

Another specialised radiator fan type is a flex fan. This is a direct-driven mechanical fan with flexible blades. The blades are designed to flatten out at high speeds to reduce the load on the engine.

Electric automotive fans

Unlike mechanical fans, electric fans add to the load on a vehicle’s electrical system. However, they can be more efficient than belt-driven fans.

Signs of a faulty or damaged radiator fan

The most common consequence of automotive fan failure is overheating of the engine.

Loud noises or noticeable vibrations coming from the front of the engine are also common signs of a damaged radiator fan.

How to replace an automotive fan

Installing one or more replacement automotive fans is a fairly straightforward task, requiring basic mechanical skills and a simple tool kit.

Helpful resources online include:

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