Freewheel hubs

Freewheel hubs
Freewheel hubs

Freewheel hubs for sale in South Africa

Freewheel hubs – or locking hubs – convert the four-wheel drivetrain of four-wheel vehicles into two-wheel drive. They’re designed to reduce the wear on drivetrain components when travelling on normal hard-surface roads.

Masterparts stocks a range of OE-quality AVM freewheel hubs that are suitable for all popular four-wheel drive vehicles.

What are freewheel hubs?

Freewheel hubs are accessories fitted onto the front wheels of some older-model four-wheel drives. They engage and disengage the drive shaft from the hub of the wheel. They’re either manually or automatically operated.

When the freewheel hubs are in the locked position, the shaft is engaged and the vehicle operates as a four-wheel drive. In the unlocked position, the front wheels spin independently of the drive shaft and differential, as they do in a conventional rear-wheel drive.

Do four-wheel drive vehicles require freewheel hubs?

Freewheel hubs are primarily designed to reduce friction and the number of moving parts in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

By disconnecting the front wheels, engine load can be reduced and fuel economy improved. Vehicle performance is quieter and more comfortable. There’s less wear on the front differential and other drivetrain components.

What happens when a freewheel hub fails?

Over time, dirt, dust and rust can build up in the spring mechanism of the hub, leading to component failure. When that happens, the freewheel hub doesn’t engage or release as it should.

When the hub is not properly engaged, one or both of the front wheels don’t pull. This is indicated by a grinding noise or slipping sound when the vehicle is shifted into four-wheel drive mode.

Signs of a hub that hasn’t released properly include increased fuel consumption, higher levels of road noise and more wear on the tyres.

AVM freewheel hubs

AVM specialises in manufacturing manual and automatic freewheel hubs. Inner components are CNC machined, heat treated and coated in salt-spray-tested epoxy enamel. Caps are manufactured from corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminium to provide tough, durable locking hubs suitable for all off- and on-road conditions.

Where to get freewheel hubs from Masterparts

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Masterparts stocks freewheel hubs for almost all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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