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Wheel Hubs
Wheel Hubs

High-quality wheel hubs for sale in South Africa

Wheel hubs keep the wheels rotating smoothly and efficiently. They’re the conduit between the suspension and the wheels, incorporating the bearings and the sensors required for driver-assistance systems.

As a key supplier of OE-quality automotive parts for the aftermarket, Masterparts stocks wheel hubs by established international brands.

What are wheel hubs?

Most modern vehicles in South Africa are fitted with pre-assembled units, known as wheel-hub assemblies.

Each wheel has a dedicated hub located between the drive axle and the disc or drum brake. It features a flange on one end for mounting the wheel, brake and tyre, and a bearing and set of teeth, which lock into the drive axle, on the other.

A vehicle’s wheel hubs are prone to impact damage and can wear out over time. Similarly, the bearings can fail, requiring the replacement of the entire wheel-hub assembly.

Signs of faulty or worn wheel hubs

Tell-tale symptoms of damaged or faulty wheel hubs are grinding, humming, clicking or abrasive-sounding noises emanating from the wheels.

When the sounds increase in volume along with the speed of the vehicle, it’s a clear indication of a problem with the bearings or the wheel hubs.

Vibrations on the steering wheel, which worsen as the car accelerates, or an ABS warning light flashing on the dash, are also signs of a potentially defective wheel-hub assembly.

When to replace a wheel hub

The average life span of a wheel hub depends on several factors, such as drive performance, road conditions and loads.

As a result, a hub assembly only needs to be replaced when it shows signs of wear. However, it’s advisable to replace both units on the same axle at the same time.

How to replace a wheel hub

Replacing the wheel hub of a vehicle is neither technical nor labour-intensive. It takes an hour or so and requires a few basic tools.

Wheel hubs from leading manufacturers

Our range of high-performance wheel hubs are durable, reliable and manufactured by renowned global automotive brands.

Febi Bilstein wheel hubs

Febi Bilstein manufactures OE-quality wheel hubs for the aftermarket. Components are produced from premium materials, tested for strength and durability.

Wheel hubs by Febi Bilstein are resilient, long-lasting and comply with vehicle-manufacturer specifications.

Gibson wheel hubs

Gibson wheel hubs are manufactured from the finest materials, using the latest techniques and technologies.

Units are durability tested, and equal the performance and longevity of OEM products.

Where to get wheel hubs from Masterparts

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Masterparts stocks high-quality wheel hubs for almost all vehicle models, old and new, on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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