Wheel Brake Cylinders

Wheel Brake Cylinders
Wheel Brake Cylinders

High-quality wheel brake cylinders for sale in South Africa

Wheel brake cylinders are integral to safe and effective rear braking systems in cars. As with all hydraulic brake components, they’re subjected to intense force and wear over time.

Masterparts is a leading stockist of aftermarket wheel brake cylinders in South Africa. Our components are quality tested and comply with international safety standards.

What are wheel brake cylinders?

Wheel brake cylinders are part of a vehicle’s drum brake system.

They exert pressure on the brake shoes, which, in turn, are forced onto the brake drums. Friction slows down the wheels, bringing the vehicle to a stop.

Signs of a faulty or damaged wheel brake cylinder

When the wheel brake cylinders are worn or faulty, they don’t exert sufficient force on the brake shoes. As a result, the brake response is poor. It takes more time and effort to stop the car.

A spongy brake pedal, or one that falls onto the floor, is an indication of one or more defective wheel brake cylinders. Fluid leaks, or grinding noises, from the back wheels are also common warning signs.

When to replace a wheel brake cylinder

Depending on the make and model of car, and the daily driving operations, road conditions and loads, wheel brake cylinders have an estimated life span of three to five years or 100,000 km.

As with all braking components, wheel brake cylinders should be inspected at least once a year. When the seals are worn or damaged, or there’s a build-up of debris or brake fluid on the outer casings, replacement parts are required.

It’s best practice to replace both wheel brake cylinders, along with the brake shoes.

How to replace wheel brake cylinders

Replacing the wheel brake cylinders of a car doesn’t require specialised skills or anything more than a socket wrench and a few spanners.

Here’s a visual guide on how to get the job done with minimum effort.


With 60 years of history, growth, achievements, and evolution, LPR has become a world leader for quality and innovation in the manufacturing of brake and clutch hydraulics.

In 2003 LPR became certified for Ferrari spare parts. Over the years LPR extended its braking components range with brake pads, shoes, discs, and drums.

AP by LPR is a suitable aftermarket replacement for most vehicle manufactures.

FTE wheel brake cylinders

FTE is a German automotive components company specialising in the manufacture of cast-iron and extruded aluminium wheel brake cylinders.

Consistent investment in R&D, and an in-house production process that matches that of OEM standards, ensures FTE wheel brake cylinders are reliable, high-precision braking components.

Wheel braking cylinders by FTE are suitable for most vehicle makes and models.

Where to get wheel brake cylinders from Masterparts

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Masterparts stocks wheel brake cylinders for just about all vehicle models, old and new, on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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