Wheel Speed Sensors

Wheel Speed Sensors
Wheel Speed Sensors

Wheel speed sensors are electronic components integral to a vehicle’s active safety systems. They relay real-time data from the wheels to the car’s electronic control unit (ECU), and maintain optimal functionality of the ABS and tyre traction systems.

High-quality wheel speed sensors for sale in South Africa

Masterparts stocks certified aftermarket wheel speed sensors manufactured in Europe and Asia. Components are quality tested and suitable for all the latest vehicle makes and models.

What are wheel speed sensors?

Wheel speed sensors are fitted to the vehicle’s wheel hubs. They record the rotational speed of the wheels and send signals to the car’s computer. This information is used to enable the functionality of the vehicle’s automated driving aids.

Wheel speed sensors can be active or passive. Most modern vehicles, manufactured post-2003, have active wheel speed sensors with built-in electrical circuitry. Active sensors record the rotational speed and direction of the wheels.

Earlier model cars have passive sensors. These parts have no integrated power supply, do not operate at low speeds and are unable to detect the direction of the wheels.

Signs of a faulty wheel speed sensor

A faulty wheel speed sensor is detectable via the warning lights on the dashboard. When the ABS and/or traction control light goes on, and stays on, the problem can be a worn or damaged wheel speed sensor.

How to replace wheel speed sensors?

Replacing a vehicle’s wheel speed sensors is not a technically complex job. All it requires is the right tools, and an hour or so of moderate labour.

Stone wheel speed sensors

Stone wheel speed sensors are quality components sourced from specialist electronics manufacturers in the Far East. They are ANAB certified for the US market, and carry the e-mark seal of approval.

Euromann wheel speed sensors

Wheel speed sensors by Euromann are ISO certified vehicle components. All Euromann auto parts are performance tested, and manufactured to strict OE quality standards.

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Masterparts sells best quality aftermarket parts and components, including wheel speed sensors, for all popular vehicle makes and models. Contact us to discuss your automotive parts requirements and we’ll be happy to assist.


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