Cylinder Head Bolts

Cylinder Head Bolts
Cylinder Head Bolts

Masterparts stock a wide variety of cylinder head bolts.

Cylinder head bolts are the connecting elements between the engine block, cylinder head gasket and cylinder head.

Bolt tightening force

The bolt tightening force is an important factor for the mutual sealing of the combustion chamber, lubricant and coolant channels and the ambient air.

When tightening (torquing) the head bolts, the force generates the clamp load needed to achieve a perfect seal.

More about cylinder head bolts

Cylinder head bolts are designed to stretch to their yield point so that they create both an “elastic” and an even clamping force across the cylinder head.

Because the bolts stretch slightly, their threads become distorted and if re-used the clamp force will lower and will over time diminish until failure occurs.

It is common for re-used stretched bolts to break without warning and because they will break in the threaded area, extraction of the broken part can be both time consuming and costly.


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