Lada Parts and Spares


Masterparts stocks a minimum of 45,000 parts and spares at any given time – and if we don’t have a part you need, we’ll do our best to find it for you. Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of Lada parts for the Lada Niva.

We don’t stock body panels, mirrors or lights.

About Lada

Named after a form of Viking longship called “lad’ya” in Russian, Lada is a brand of cars manufactured by the Russian automaker, AvtoVAZ.

Intended as a “people’s car”, the original Lada – marketed within the Soviet Union under the name Zhiguli – was based on the Fiat 124, with modifications to suit Russia’s icy conditions and rough terrain. For example, the outer body of the car was hardened with heavier-gauge steel bodywork, its ground clearance was increased and the engine was modified.

In the 1970s, the Lada earned a reputation as a solid, “no nonsense”, economy car, becoming popular throughout the Soviet bloc countries.

Also in the ’70s, the company introduced the Lada Niva, the first mass-produced off-road vehicle to feature independent front suspension with coil springs. Thanks to their affordability and toughness, the Nivas were used for a range of purposes, from police cars to ambulances and, in the Netherlands, even as vehicles for lifeguards.

By the 1980s, the Lada was being exported to Western Europe – and within a few years, it had gained popularity across the globe. A variation on the original Lada, the VAZ-2101, sold in large numbers. It was followed by a popular Lada sedan, badged as the Rivas in the UK, the Nova in Germany and the Signet in Canada.

Newer Lada models benefitted from engine improvements, resulting from collaboration with other producers, such as Porsche.

Production of the Lada ended in 2012, and in 2014, the AvtoVAZ company was taken over by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Following the takeover, a number of new Lada models, including the X-Ray compact SUV and the Vesta compact saloon, were launched. Unlike the original Ladas, the new models are designed for a more upmarket audience and feature bold, stylish designs.

Masterparts stocks Lada spares for the Lada Niva. If you need help finding the right Lada Niva spares and parts, contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist.